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Pursuant to the Sugar Industry Act 2001 Section 14 – (1), The Board shall have power to issue sugar import licences and prescribe procedures and regulations for sugar imports. The Sugar Industry Act Section 13 and Sugar Regulations of 2010 Reg. 54 states, all eligible importers of sugar  are required to be registered by the Board.

The Board shall issue three categories of sugar import licenses, which shall be designated as ‘’A’’, ‘’B’’ and ‘’C’’ in accordance with procedures, terms and conditions prescribed in Sugar Industry Regulations.

  • Category ‘’A’’ sugar import licence should be issued to a person registered by the Board as sugar importer for trading purposes,
  • Category ‘’B’’ to be issued to person registered by the Board as sugar importer for industrial use.
  • Category ‘’C’’ sugar import licence is restricted for importation of sugar which is not intended for industrial use and except as provided in Sugar Industry Regulations.

For better execution of sugar importation procedures, a special Technical committee on Sugar importation will be responsible.

  • The Board shall determine and specify the maximum quantity of sugar needed to be imported during  the period of twelve months.
  • The advertisement on the same shall be made in local newspapers and shall invite interested eligible sugar importers/traders to apply for import licenses and shall indicate the last day for receiving applications.

      Unregistered (sugar) importers should include following information with their applications.

  1. Name of business, directors and owners.
  2. Permanent correspondence addresses.
  3. Principal location of business.
  4. Branches or depots and their locations.
  5. Address and location of business agents.
  6. Type of trade & merchandise.
  7. Quantity and quality of sugar imported for the last three years, if any.
  8. Copies of TIN, VAT registration certificate and Trading license.
  9. Proof of access to TFDA approved storage facility.
  • Applicants shall state the quantity of sugar they will import in the stated importation window, submit latest TRA tax clearance certificate, and a letter of comfort from their banker about capacity to undertake the importation and clearance.
  • The Board shall process every application for a license within thirty days after receipt of the application and shall publish the list of successful applicants in local newspapers.
  • An import levy of US$ 3 per ton is applicable. The issue of waiver of import tariff is under consideration by the government. It is the responsibility of importers to pay all applicable taxes.
  • The imported sugar will be sold in Tanzania for direct consumption only ( non industrial); Colour in ICUMSA Units, Max 1300. Quality Conformance to TBS and TFDA requirements is responsibility of importer. Goods will be inspected on arrival, and should be accompanied by appropriate quality certificates.
  • The importation shall be governed by the provisions of the Sugar Industry Act. No. 26 of 2001 as amended and Sugar Industry Regulations, 2010 relating to importation of sugar.

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